Introducing the LIBERTARIANS

Our mission

Our goal is to promote the ideal of personal responsibility, liberty, and family sovereignty. Government controlled and funded education, healthcare, and pension systems are a burden to hardworking people, hinder real competition, and make families dependent on a state controlled monopolistic economy, where people turn to the government to seek solution to their problems. Our long-term goal is to abolish this system of dependance.

Who are you?

Our party, the “Libertárius Párt” or “LIBERTÁRIUSOK” (meaning “Libertarian Party” or “LIBERTARIANS”) was founded back in 2019. Our first larger political success, that brought us some international recognition, was in 2021, when protesting the useless lockdowns, we took action and organized a movement called “Mass Opening”, and another one called “Protest for Life and Liberty”. We participated in the primary elections to show an alternative against the various parasitic, pro-lockdown, criminal candidates of the political system. In the 2022 elections we planned to run 106 local representative candidates and our own nationwide list. Former party name: Le az Adók 75%-ával Párt ( Abolish 75% of Taxes Party ).

What’s your main political goal?

We want to minimize the role of government in deduction, redistribution, and in the creation of monopolies, privileges and concessions, that always seem to benefit only the elite in the expense of everyone else. Program Here.

Why is your slogan: “Abolish 75% of Taxes”?

One of the most important goals we set is to reduce taxes at least to the degree Hong Kong did it. We plan to abolish 75% of current, cumulated tax burdens that altogether take away 51% of our income. We want to make that 12.75% or less. With that we create opportunities for people to choose and pay for social and cultural services from the market according to their own preferences without being forced by the government to pay for services they often don’t even wish to use (usually for a higher price than what a competitive market would offer).

How would you reduce government redistribution?

In our system nobody would be forced through taxes to finance religions, sports clubs, state media, government healthcare and pension systems, subsidies and infrastructural support given to corporations and producers. This could mean an extra 130000 HUF monthly staying in the pocket of an average Hungarian worker. We would also reduce government bureaucracy, simplifying and integrating official databases (for more details on that, check the short abridgement of our program).

How do you imagine the future?

In a fair and honest country, our success is not dependent on political decisions, tenders, and lobbying, but on our performance in the self-regulating free market. The greater the value of work is, the easier it is for people to start businesses, increase their income, spend on innovation and research, and even to be environmentally conscious. It has been proven by several historical examples such as Hong Kong and Singapore in South-East Asia or Chile in South America. Our system would create an environment in Hungary that would be preferred by investors, business owners, hard workers, young people and others over our Western competitors. We would also give families and parents full control over the education of their children, replacing the current state-controlled education system.

What political expectations do you have?

Without any doubt, our message gives us a great advantage, since our economic policy would cause both employees and employers, workers and entrepreneurs, to make more money, which is a crucial point for hardworking citizens in an election. Representative sample shows that 59.4% of people would rather vote for us than for pro-taxation parties (Fidesz, DK, Momentum, Jobbik etc.) if we can guarantee that we would leave all taxes that are currently used to finance pensions, healthcare, religion, sports, and state media, in the pocket of workers. More details here.

How do you plan to deliver your message to society?

Primarily on social media, like Facebook, where You can also be active and express your opinion. The platforms we use: here.

What’s your position on migration?

The sources of migration are mainly anti-capitalist countries where either the rule of law and the protection of private property is missing (like Nigeria or Syria), or there is a socialist government stifling the market (like Venezuela). If we would create a benefit system that would only import the same anti-capitalist practice that destroyed their countries, therefore we only support the voluntary and local help of these people. The spread of technological advancements, like blockchain, could help these people become more independent from their exploitive governments, securing their private properties.

What’s your position on environmentalism? 

The main cause of harm to the environment is not free market capitalism, but rather government subsidies and the fact that far too many regions are unnecessarily owned by the state. We believe in free market environmentalism which is a science based concept that supports the privatization of natural resources to create interest  in their sustainability.

Libertárius Párt ( formerly: Le az Adók 75%-ával Párt / LA75 ) ‘s support is about 11.3%

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